3-Week Introduction to Mindfulness

Curious about what mindfulness can do for you? This is the perfect course to give you a taster to what mindfulness is all about and give you a sense of how it might benefit you in your daily life. This structured 3-week course, is developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation and covers the key areas of what mindfulness is and how to bring it in to your daily life, with a focus on experiential practice and exercises.

What benefits might this course bring?

An ability to:

  • Get to know yourself a little bit better.
  • Resource yourself more easily in times of stress, anxiety or a restless mind.
  • Respond in a more balanced and healthy way to life, rather than react.
  • Resource yourself to enjoy and appreciate what’s may be good and pleasant in your life.
  • Create time, space and care for yourself. 

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“It is only when the mind is open and receptive that learning and seeing and change can occur.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn