What previous participants said about Judith Greene Mindfulness…

‘I would highly recommend this course for everyone. Judith, our tutor, was excellent! She was open, patient and empathetic to each and every single one of us and our experiences. Overall an excellent course. This course has enabled me to resource myself to cope with difficult emotions and thoughts. It has really helped with how I respond to stress, which has also reduced my anxiety.’ 

‘The best money I’ve ever spent on myself. The peace and calm within myself is priceless.’

‘I learned lots of techniques I can build into my daily routine. Learning to pay attention to even the simple daily tasks has helped me appreciate more things in my life…instead of being in automatic pilot… This programme was very well laid out and provides a very safe space for members to get the most out of it.’

‘This is a wonderful course…I met some lovely people … and we learned so much from one another. Judith is knowledgable, calm and warm and led and gently guided us. This course has taught me new strategies to cope with the ups and downs life.’

‘I’ve learned a lot in this course. To live in the moment more…to live in being rather than doing mode. I am not running on autopilot as much. This all leads to a sense of contentment I haven’t felt in a long time and I am really enjoying it. I would recommend this course.’

“I can highly recommend this course… I have most definitely learned tools for life. Judith has been beyond generous with her time and knowledge and guided us so very gently all the way. I will miss this class…’

‘Judith is very caring and has a lovely way about her. She is very passionate about mindfulness and this inspired me to give all the exercises a try.’

‘I found this course very beneficial…Each week was guided, structured and evenly paced and a treat for the soul.’



“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”

Pema Chödrön