Upcoming Mindfulness Courses and Groups

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Release and Relax Spring Mini Retreat afternoon, 13 April, 1.30pm-3.30pm The Music Hall, 9 Vicars Hill, Armagh. 

Myself and my long-term Pilates teacher Pauline Allen, From Pauline Allen Pilates are delighted to be offering you this unique mini-retreat which will include:

Gentle stretches and movement, meditation, a mindfully guided walk in the nearby sensory garden, tips for brining mindfulness into your daily life, refreshments and a little keepsake gift to take home with you. 

Cost: £35 early bird offer until 31 March and £40 after this date. 

Book Here  or email for more info. 

NEW BLOCK OPEN – Mindful Mondays @ The Hayloft, Armagh, 8, 15, 22, 29 April, 7 May (this is a Tuesday due to the bank holiday), 13 May, 7-8pm.   

Come along to this very relaxed meditation group, offering you some time and space to be with yourself and others in a supportive and friendly environment. This class with be a mix of meditations, mindfulness exercises and practices. Suitable for beginners to the experienced – everyone welcome!

Cost: £60 as a block booking. 

Register here or email: or tel: 07714744942.

What people have said about Mindful Mondays…

‘I look forward to Mindful Mondays with Judith, because it is my designated time for adding to my self-care pot -I benefit from the stillness and quiet. It’s a chance to relax and be guided by Judith to use the power of breathing to accept, appreciate life and be in the moment.’

‘Mindful Mondays with Judith has become a very welcomed sanctuary in my busy week. To totally relax in the class is lovely but also the meditation practices, learnings and reflections come to my aid during the week when most needed.’


Introduction to Mindfulness – Online Class  (taking expressions of interest).

Curious about what mindfulness can do for you? This is the perfect course to give you a taster to what mindfulness is all about and give you a sense of how it might benefit you in your daily life. This structured 3 week course, is developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation and covers the key areas of what mindfulness is and how to bring it in to your daily life, with a focus on experiential practice and exercises and pre-recorded meditations to use at home.

Cost: £50 or €58.

What benefits might this course bring?

An ability to:

Get to know yourself a little bit better. 

Resource yourself more easily in times of stress, anxiety or a restless mind.

Respond in a more balanced and healthy way to life, rather than react.

Resource yourself to enjoy and appreciate what’s may be good and pleasant in your life.

Create time, space and care for yourself. 

Book here or email for further info, mentioning in the message that it’s ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ that you wish to book.

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) – Online (Starting mid Sept 2024, 7.00-9.15pm). Taking expressions of interest. 

Looking for a deeper understanding of mindfulness and a chance to embed it into your daily life? An 8 week MBSR is described as the gold standard in mindfulness courses, it’s heavily researched and has proven results including helping you; get to know and understand yourself better, learn to manage life’s inevitable stresses and anxieties, connect with your body and it’s own wisdom, not live in your head so much and be less reactive and more responsive. It can also help with managing pain, blood pressure, depression and anxiety and sleep issues, amongst many other mental health benefits. 

Cost: £220 or €250 for the 8 week course, a handbook that compliments the course, 5 hour min-retreat and a selection of home practice meditation recordings. 

Find out more here about what MBSR can do for you or Click here to register, alternatively email or tel: 07714744942.

What previous participants said about my 8 week MBSR course…

‘I would highly recommend this course for everyone. Judith, our tutor, was excellent! She was open, patient and empathetic to each and every single one of us and our experiences. Overall an excellent course. This course has enabled me to resource myself to cope with difficult thoughts and emotions and thoughts. It has really helped with how I respond to stress, which has also reduced my anxiety.’ 

‘The best money I’ve ever spent on myself. The peace and calm within myself is priceless.’

‘I learned lots of techniques I can build into my daily routine. Learning to pay attention to even the simple daily tasks has helped me appreciate more things in my life. The course was very well laid out and provided a safe space for members to get the most out of it.’

‘I’ve learned a lot in this course. To live in the moment more…to live in being rather than doing mode.I was not running on autopilot as much. This all leads to a sense of contentment I haven’t felt in a long time and I am really enjoying it. I would recommend this course.’

‘Judith is very caring and has a lovely way about her. She is very passionate about mindfulness and this inspired me to give all the exercises a try.’

‘I found this course very beneficial…Each week was guided, structured and evenly paced and a treat for the soul.’

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There may be times in your life when mindfulness may not be appropriate, or the most helpful resource for you. I’m committed to having a sensitive but transparent discussion with you around whether mindfulness may be a helpful approach to engage with at this stage in your life.

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”

Mary Oliver